Why Choose A Kirby?

Quality, Reliability and Performance

Let’s be honest, those are three things we look for in every product we purchase.  From the car or truck you buy to the T.V. hanging on your wall, without those three things there really is no sense in getting the product.  Unfortunately 99% of the things we buy today may have one or two of those qualities but rarely do you find something with all three!

Why Choose a Kirby?The Kirby Company was started in 1914 and the home care systems were designed by James B. Kirby (pictured on the right).  With over a 102 years in business they are definitely one of the oldest vacuum manufacturers on the planet!  Kirby’s patented designs are really what separates them from their competitors.  With the use of their micron magic hepa-filtered bags it has the ability to filter dust, pollen and other harmful pollutants down to the micron.

Warranty is another big selling point for Kirby Home Care systems, equipped with a 3 year limited warranty and the lifetime rebuild program you can ensure that this will be the last system you ever have to purchase.  The average family replaces their vacuum every 2 years and unfortunately even when we are old and retired we will still have to clean.  That can add up to be very costly and expensive all by itself.

When we say system we are probably making an understatement!  The Kirby Home Care System comes with enough attachments to pretty much do everything but the dishes in your home.  It is truly a floor to ceiling piece of cleaning equipment.  The Kirby has the ability to be converted into a portable shampoo system for furniture cars and stairs, it is probably the most powerful upright on the planet, it converts into a full blown cannister for all your above the floor cleaning, it can inflate and deflate anything you would use your mouth to blow up, it can unclog sinks and drains with its plumber tools, the Kirby converts into the most powerful hand portable you can buy and literally can pull dead skin and dust mites through a 10 inch mattress without having to do both sides.  As if this wasn’t enough with the new Avalir model you can now not only shampoo carpets (which dries in less than an hour) but you can also polish and clean hard floors.

These are just some of the features and benefits of the Kirby Home Care System.  We have found that customer’s #1 reason for investing into a Kirby is because they have spent thousands on cheaper cleaners that never seem to do the job they are looking for.  After all, we only vacuum for one reason and that is to pick up the dirt and take care of the biggest investment we will ever make in our lives which is our homes.  We don’t do it for the exercise and unfortunately a $400-500 cleaner  just isn’t going to cut it.  Even at those prices you would be spending the same amount as a Kirby in as little as a few years.  Chances are you already have!  The cost of replacing flooring and furniture is not getting any cheaper and we are sure it will continue to rise!